Ultra Thin Diapers
ultrafresh pants extra large
ultrafresh pants extra large
ultrafresh pants extra large
ultrafresh pants extra large
ultrafresh pants extra large

Ultrafresh Pants Extra-Large

SRP per pack: 340 PHP

SRP per pc: 10.63 PHP

For babies 12-17kg (26 to 37 lbs)
32 Pieces per pack
900ml absorption capacity
1024g per pack

Product Features

Diaper Fit

  • Retractive waistband to deliver wider coverage and a snug fit
  • High-rise waist and wider fabric coverage made for comfort and movements.

Highly Breathable

  • Soft materials that resemble a cotton underwear
  • Perfect for tropical weather

Double Leakage Barrier

  • 2X leak guard
  • Restricting spillage of liquid outside the diaper

Super absorbent

  • 800-950ml Absorption Capacity
  • The absorbent core is made of Sodium Polyacrylate Polymer (a Super Absorbent Polymer or SAP commonly found in diapers)
  • Rapid acting dryness that keeps moisture away from baby’s skin helping to prevent rash

Natural Diapers

  • Crafted with naturally breathable fabrics using polypropylene nonwoven fabric, super absorbent polymer (sodium polyacrylate), polyethylene film, latex-free and hygiene-grade elastic. Re-attachable Velcro tape in any condition
  • Natural diapers without alcohol, dyes, chemicals, fragrances, lotion, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, latex and heavy metals.
  • Does not contain optically brightened latex

Up to 12 Hours Protection

  • No bulge nor sagging when full
  • High absorption capacity suitable for day and night use

Ultra-thin core

  • Its 2mm size is half as thick as traditional diapers!
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Minimum bulk for babies and less shelf space at home or everywhere!

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Parent's Review

UltraFresh diapers are ultra-thin so it’s space saver and money saver as well ‘coz it can hold more pees without sacrificing my Callie’s skin. It has rapid acting dryness that keeps moisture away from baby and young kid’s skin to prevent diaper rash. So hindi din ako palit ng palit

Claire Cruz

Ultrafresh used to be Ethan’s diaper but i sadly had to switch when he started using pants diaper. Lookie now tho!!! @ultrafreshphhas pants diaper!!! The band is so elastic, it doesn’t mark. The material’s still the same soft and breathable i loved then. Still so lightweight and absorbent. Safe to say, we’re going back to our first love ♡♡♡

Maria Bianca Sabrina

An excellent product. Just what my baby needed. Very absorbent kaya my daughter can sleep soundly. And no rashes/allergies with this product.

Very fast shipping. I placed my order in the morning and I got the diapers by the afternoon.

Very professional shipping courier, too!

Aubrey Punzalan Sotelo