Ultra Thin Diapers
ultrafresh taped medium
ultrafresh taped medium
ultrafresh taped medium
ultrafresh taped medium
ultrafresh taped large

Ultrafresh Taped Medium

SRP per pack: 226 PHP

SRP per pc: 7.53 PHP

For babies 6-11kg (13 to 24 lbs)
30 pieces per pack
700g per pack

Product Features

Diaper Fit

  • Retractive waistband to deliver wider coverage and a snug fit
  • High-rise waist and wider fabric coverage made for comfort and movements.

Highly Breathable

  • Soft materials that resemble a cotton underwear
  • Perfect for tropical weather

Double Leakage Barrier

  • 2X leak guard
  • Restricting spillage of liquid outside the diaper

Super absorbent

  • 800-950ml Absorption Capacity
  • The absorbent core is made of Sodium Polyacrylate Polymer (a Super Absorbent Polymer or SAP commonly found in diapers)
  • Rapid acting dryness that keeps moisture away from baby’s skin helping to prevent rash

Natural Diapers

  • Crafted with naturally breathable fabrics using polypropylene nonwoven fabric, super absorbent polymer (sodium polyacrylate), polyethylene film, latex-free and hygiene-grade elastic. Re-attachable Velcro tape in any condition
  • Natural diapers without alcohol, dyes, chemicals, fragrances, lotion, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, latex and heavy metals.
  • Does not contain optically brightened latex

Up to 12 Hours Protection

  • No bulge nor sagging when full
  • High absorption capacity suitable for day and night use

Ultra-thin core

  • Its 2mm size is half as thick as traditional diapers!
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Minimum bulk for babies and less shelf space at home or everywhere!

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Parent's Review

My bunso wearing her very comfy Ultrafresh Ultra-Thin Diaper this morning after niya maligo 🧼🛁
Kendall’s diaper size is XXL na (nasa 20 kilos na ang weight niya eh😅), but still kering keri ni @ultrafreshph ang katabaan niya, because of the enlarged elastic waistband that stretches almost like pants! No sikip feeling si Kendall biik ko


My lo was 2mos when I first tried Ultrafresh…we were in Baguio then, and almost every single day, it rained…it poured…despite the cold nights, my lo stayed dry…Now we’re back in Manila, and she’s 6 mos… still using this diaper…thanks to Ultrafresh she’s got long hours of sleep each night! Such a happy kid, and so loving her nappies!!!

Nyx Alcantara

Yaya Leni: Huwag ka na bumili nung (diaper brand). UltraFresh nalang! .
Me: Hindi na ako bumibili nun. Lahat ng meron tayo diyan gift kay Caris. .
Yaya Leni: Kase makapal yun e. Mas maganda yung UltraFresh. Manipis at mas presko si Caris!
Yaya said so herself!

Caren Carlos Tordesillas